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How do you say Peridot? Is it Pear-i-doe or Pear-i-dot ?

Well, for years I thought the t at the end was silent, so I was saying Peridoe. It was

only when I was conducting research for this article that I discovered that perhaps I have been saying it wrong, and in fact we should say Peridot according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and YouTube. However older versions of the OED specify the pronunciation as Peridoe and the presenter on a recent episode of The Antiques Roadshow said Peridoe too.

So which pronunciation do you prefer?

Peridot is the birthstone for August, and it’s one of Mrs BTG’s favourites as it’s her birthstone too!


· It is one of the few gemstones that only come in one colour- green. The more intense the green, the more valuable it is

· It was originally mined by Ancient Egyptians from an island in the Red Sea

· It is the gemstone version of Olivine. Olivine is fairly common but the jewellery grade gemstone Peridot is rare

· It is mainly found in volcanic areas less than 60 miles below the surface of the Earth

· It is associated with the sun and is known as the Gem Of Light


Keep in a separate box or pouch away from other gemstones that could scratch it.

Keep away from heat eg radiators, window sills. Clean with a soft cloth but avoid steam and sonic cleaners.

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