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Everything You Need to Know About Face - UPDATED 24th September

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Now that wearing a face mask or face covering will be mandatory in England from July 24th we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

1 How do I Stop My Glasses Steaming Up?

Make sure your mask fits comfortably, and is a snug fit across you nose

Wearing your mask with the top under the lenses can help

Wash your lenses in soapy water and let them dry naturally or dry with a microfibre cloth

NB this might not work on all lens types

Or put a piece of tissue across your nose to absorb your breath

2 How Often Should I Change My Mask?

If it feels damp, that’s the time to change as a moist mask is less breathable and won’t filter particles and droplets. Otherwise at least once a day

It’s always a good idea to have a few spares !

3 How Do I Wash My Mask?

Wash at 60 degrees in the washing machine or boil for 1 minute using laundry detergent

4 Dealing with Maskne ( acne caused by wearing a mask)

Make sure you cleanse thoroughly and moisturise in the morning double cleanse in the evening, again followed by moisturiser. Exfoliate once a week

You may find wearing less make up in the area covered by the mask helps

Make sure you wash or sanitise your hands before touching your mask and store it in a resealable bag until you wash it

5 How Do I Choose a Mask?

A cloth one that can be reused is best. Made from cotton (at least in the inner layer) as this will help absorb moisture and keep you cool. Also one with a pocket so you can add a filter.

Adjustable Ear Loops made from soft elastic are comfortable and shouldn’t irritate your ears.

Please do not buy medical grade masks as these should be reserved for medical, care staff and front line staff

Disposable Masks, although convenient, are not good for the environment as they can’t be recycled and we are already seeing discarded ones littering the streets.

If you used them please dispose of them in a bin.

5 Can I Use a Scarf/Bandana etc?

These are too light weight and don’t filter particles as well as cloth masks. As they need to be adjusted frequently they can become contaminated quickly

6 How Do I Wear and Remove the Mask Correctly?

Wash or sanitise your hands before touching the mask. Make sure it fits correctly, especially across your nose. If have you an adjustable mask you can easily do this.

Use the ear loops to put on and remove your mask.

7 What Type of Masks Do You Sell?

Firstly we ensure our suppliers share our values and are committed to ending modern slavery. Some of our suppliers are Fair Trade registered and work with Womens' Co-operatives and have invested in their communities.

Our masks have 2 layers which is the minimum recommended. For your comfort the inner layer is cotton and the ear loops are made from soft elastic and are adjustable.

Each has it's own reusable bag. Our masks are sustainable, eco and environmentally friendly. See a selection at Christmas and Party masks are due in the shop soon.

If you have any questions about our masks please ask

take care and stay safe



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